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About the author and the evolution of Millborough:

The Millborough Saga began over ten years ago by author and playwright Kevin T. Baldwin and has expanded into multiple stage plays and screenplays.

Kevin T. Baldwin has taught, written, produced and directed theatrical shows for over thirty years. He is former theatre professor for Anna Maria College and has directed shows at Bentley College, W.P.I. and Clark University.

As a theatre critic, he has also reviewed shows for the Record, The Worcester Telegram & Gazette, the Auburn Times and Community Newspapers.

Among Kevin's works are the two act dramas Haunting Lusitania, Ponytail and They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To.

More "family friendly" plays Mystery of the White Spider, Finding Lovers Lane and Hopscotch Park are available from JAC Publishing.

His more risque comedies Where Does the Time Go? and Murder at Club Fishnet are available from Norman Maine Publishing, aka Big Dawg Publishing.

He has also written the books for two musicals by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart entitled Sunshine Pop and Hot Rod Hot Dogs.

Most of these tales take place in the fictional town of Millborough, although some extend beyond. Many of Kevin's works are available at



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