May or June: A Play in Two Acts

The Millborough Stories
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Follow the many twists and turns in the two-act drama “May or June”.

Millicent Bradley has just arrived in New York with her husband, Mark. Mark awakens in his hotel room to find Millicent gone. Police being of no help, Mark hires Steve, a private investigator to find his wife.

Steve finds Millicent in Abbott Pointe, Oklahoma with no recollection of who she is, or of Mark. However, calling herself Sabrina, she has amazing memories of the town’s residents whom she has never met before. Bringing Mark to town, the two men seek to uncover the mystery of what happened to Millicent.

Upon consulting with a local psychiatrist, they discover that there was a girl named Sabrina who disappeared along with a girl named Madeline years ago. They were identical sisters with different mothers in town. Sabrina was born in May, Madeline in June.

But now the real question becomes…just who is Millicent?